Flat Rate Pricing E-Commerce

The Flat Rate Pricing E-Commerce feature allows for you to sell tasks to your customers through Black Belt using PayPal.

  1. Setup PayPal®
  2. Go to Edit Company Profile
  3. Click the PayPal tab
  4. Enter Email associated to your company PayPal and the Merchant ID found on your PayPal account.

Utilizing PayPal with the Flat Rate Software

  1. Enter presentation mode for the Flat Rate Book of your choosing.
  2. Once in Presentation mode you will see the "Add to Cart" button listed next to each task. Click it. Add a single task or add multiple tasks to the cart.
  3. After you have all the tasks selected that your customer will be purchasing click "View Cart" in the upper right hand corner. We also have a "Cart Summary" button that allows you to view a summary of the tasks in the cart. From the Cart Summary page, you can print a PDF or use the Check Out button to utilize PayPal.
  4. On the View Cart page, you can scroll through the tasks that were added to the cart. You can also alter tax exemption or change the price based on the price level you want.
  5. When your customer is satisfied with their shopping cart, click Check Out. Note that you can not use Check Out if you have not entered your company's PayPal info.
  6. You will then be redirected to PayPal where your customer can enter their credit card or use their PayPal to make the purchase.
  7. The transaction should then show up in your PayPal!

Inventory Reorder Report

The Inventory Reorder Report is populated every single time a purchase occurs. The task items will be added to your inventory reorder report. This report can be found by going to Flat Rate Pricing >> Reports >> Inventory Reorder Report

Company PayPal Settings

You can turn off PayPal at any time. This will just hide the checkout button when in the shopping cart. To disable PayPal, go to Edit Company Profile and click the settings tab.