Flat Rate Export Notes

When you export your Flat Rate Pricing Book, three files are created.
  1. Books.txt: Contains basic book info such as title, markups, labels, sales tax, etc.
  2. Tasks.txt: Includes all information about your flat rate tasks.
  3. Items.txt: Includes a list of items used and not used by the tasks with all fields.
These variable length export files include fields that are delimited using a pipe |. The Pipe is what separates the fields. The first row of each file contains a header. These files contain enough information that a technical person should be able to import their flat rate books into another software program. Before these files can be imported, they will likely need to be opened in MS Excel and manipulated or prepared in some way. For example, you may need to add chart of account ID fields or other information that is required by the software program you are importing into.

Important Note About Technical Support Limitations

Our technical support department can help you export these files and make certain that the formatting of these files meets the specifications that we intended. We cannot help you modify these files and we cannot help you import these files into another software program. Once your files are imported, we cannot help you troubleshoot errors, incorrect data, or missing information. Again, we will make certain that the export files were properly created and meet the specifications outlined in this document.

Important Note About Licensing

Exporting and using the export data is a Premium Level feature. Once you are no longer a Premium Level member, you are not authorized to use pre-existing export files. In other words, when you give up Premium Membership, you give up your right to use data that was exported when you were a Premium Member.

File Header Info

The following is a list of headers contained in each file.

<content needed here>

Notes and Tips

  1. The best way to understand what each field is used for is to compare it to your flat rate book. The file field names are the same as the names of the fields used in the software. It will also make sense when you open the files and look at the information.
  2. Images are not exported.