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Free Credit Card Processing

Build Multiple Price Books

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Easily Update Your Prices & Tasks Lists

Free Credit Card Processing

Provide the Mobile Experience

Build Multiple Price Books

Easily Update Your Prices & Tasks Lists

Flat Rate Plus Online FAQ

Q: What is Flat Rate Plus Online (FRPO)?

A: Flat Rate Plus Online® (or FRPO) is a SaaS software program that allows users to create and maintain flat rate pricing books. You can learn more about FRPO by looking through this website. The FRPO software is hosted here.

Q: What does a company use FRPO for?

A: You can quickly look up flat rate prices for common and not so common repairs related to HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, electrical service, and maintenance. Residential and light commercial work is covered. The price includes the cost of items, labor, and sales tax. Every aspect of the flat rate task can be modified by the user. You may also create equipment replacements and full system change-outs. Once the flat rate books are set up, your company can export the information and import it into their own software programs.

Here Are a Few Other Options

You may print flat rate books or present flat rate prices on a mobile device or any computer. Users can present their customers with multiple options, using a familiar “shopping cart” principle. They may also create invoices, enter payments, process customer credit cards, email invoices, and synchronize with QuickBooks Online. Managers can print a report at the end of each day which includes invoice details for easy inventory replenishment. The report includes what parts were sold by which technician. It also includes your preferred vendor and their part number.

Q: What type of company was FRPO designed for?

A: Any field services company who performs HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing, electrical service, and maintenance. They may do residential work, light commercial work, or both. We also built FRPO with a small to very small company in mind. FRPO is especially well suited for those companies that use QuickBooks or just want a super simple flat rate software system with basic invoicing and the ability to accept credit card payments.

Q: What software programs do your interface with or work with?

A: We specialize in synchronizing with QuickBooks Online. FRPO was built with much the same invoice item types, customer fields, vendor information, and more. Invoices and customer payments created in FRPO are completely recreated in QBO with zero differences. We believe that our FRPO to QBO synch is the very best in the flat rate software industry.

We don’t have any other synchronizations built for any other software program. However, we offer a universal file export that includes all of your flat rate price book information. The file format we use is universally accepted. You should be able to import the file into virtually any software program designed to accept inventory data imports.

Q: Where can we get more information about FRPO?

A: This is FRPO’s dedicated website and it is full of information. You might wish to jump into the complete FAQ page here. You may also want to create a Forever Free™ account and try the software out. Just like the name implies, this is not a ten day demo. Your free account never expires, you will not need a credit card, and there is no obligation.

Please free to contact our sales department at (913) 276-2177 or sales@aptora.com. They will answer all your questions and offer to give you a 15 minute walk through the software.

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