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HVAC Service Technician and Service Truck
General Management

Technician Uniforms and How They Influence Client Perception

The Technician’s Uniform Sets the Stage for Customer Satisfaction What do people see when they look at you in your uniform? Do they see a person that looks like they are a highly qualified technician
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Graph showing a wave form RMS characteristic.

Inductive Electrical Loads and Root Mean Square (RMS)

What is an inductive load and how does it related to RMS? An inductive load is a type of load in an electrical circuit that exhibits inductance, meaning it creates a magnetic field when a
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An Inductor with a schematic diagram showing inductor and a resistor

Resistance Versus Inductance – Plus Why it Matters to Technicians

Inductors and resistors are a very important part of all electronics and electric circuits. HVAC service technicians must know the basics of both to be super-star HVAC service technicians.
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Natural gas furnace operation. Technician observing gas furnace burner option.

The Basics of Natural Gas Furnace Operation

A natural gas furnace is a heating system that operates using natural gas as its primary fuel source. The furnace works by burning natural gas in a combustion chamber, which creates hot air that is
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Gas Furnace with Front Panel Removed
Software Release Notes

Flat Rate Plus Online Release Notes

Software Update Full Release Date: February 14, 2023 This document explains the changes made to the Flat Rate Plus Online software program. This is the most significant update we have ever released. More than fifty
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Plumber Installing Kitchen Sink

The Major Components of a Residential Plumbing System

A residential plumbing system typically consists of the following major components: Time to Read: 2 Minutes Residential plumbing systems can be broken down into major categories based on functionality. The plumbing flat rate price book
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